Jan 25, 2012


Winter/Spring 2012 KNITTING CLASSES

(limit 8 students)
Learn to knit with a small projects (cowl). Learn basic stitches and pattern reading ). For those who have never knit before.

1 classes

Sunday February 19th: 12:30- 4:30pm
Sunday March 4th 12:30-4:30
Sunday April 8th 12:30-4:30

Fee 40$
(materials not included, estimated cost from 25$)

Go beyond the basics. For those who have rudimentary knitting skills and want to go beyond scarfs. The project will be a hat and will cover: Increasing, Decreasing, Knitting in the round, Pattern Reading and Cables.

Sunday February 26th 12:30-4:00
Sunday March 4th 9:00-12:30
Sunday April 8th 12:30-4:00 pm

Cost 40$
Material costs from 20$

PICK YOUR PROJECT (Intermediate Knitting)

(limit 8 students)

Choose your next knitting project in any technique. For those with basic skills, who want to learn more. (Possible projects include colour work, socks, lace, finishing, help with difficult patterns, help with adjusting patterns to fit, ect...)
Class Fee $30 (register for 2 or more sessions, 25$ each)

1 classes
Sunday February 19th: 9:00am- 12 noon
Sunday March 4th 9:00am-12 noon
Sunday April 8th 9:00 am- 12 noon

Learn the tips and tricks that will allow you to finish and sew together your garments like a pro. Seaming, pinning, blocking, buttons and edges will all be covered. Students are encouraged to bring finished projects that they would like help putting together to the class.
Class Fee 30$

Sunday March 25th
9:00am- 12 noon

Learn to knit basic socks on 4 needles with our easy chunky slipper sock pattern.
Class Fee: $40
Estimated Materials Fee: from $30 (16$ yarn+ 14$ needles)

Sunday February 12th
Sunday March 11th

12:30- 4:30pm
1 class

Say goodbye to sets of 4. Learn to make socks using one long circular needle using this special technique. Class includes custom patterns for 3 weights of yarn.

Class fee: 40$
Estimated Materials Fee: from $30 (10$ yarn, 20$ addi needles)

March 18th

12:30- 4:30pm 1 class

Learn to make mittens on magic loop without a set of four (or with a set of four if you prefer). Class will also cover how to knit in the round and how to make a thumb without getting holes at the base. If you prefer, you can make cabled finger gloves in the same class.

Class fee: 30$
Estimated Materials Fee: From $30 (10$ yarn, 20$ addi needles)

Sunday March 18th
9:00 am- 12 noon

1 class


Learn to knit garment in one piece without seams! Top down sweaters are great for those who hate seaming, and for children's sweaters, since they are easy to lengthen when your child or baby grows. Sweater is in super-bulky rasta, and can be finished by the end of the class!

Class fee: 30$
Estimated Materials Fee: average $40 (28$ yarn, 12$needles)

Feb 26th
Sunday March 11th

9:00 am- 12 noon

LACE & Beads

Lace is not as hard as it looks. Learn to read charted lace patterns, knit with beads, and install lifelines in this fun weekend workshop.

Class fee: 39$

Estimated Materials Fee: from $30

March 25th


TO CHARGE BY PHONE 604-734-4840

- Classes are limited in size so register early
- Registration is confirmed when paid in full
- No cash refunds unless the class is canceled
- Store credits or transfers must be made 7 days prior to starting date
- Fees cover instruction only unless otherwise stated
- Please arrive on time in consideration of teachers and classmates
- ALL SUPPLIES USED IN OUR CLASSES MUST BE PURCHASED AT GINA BROWN’S YARN (needles are an exception, although addi needles must be used for magic loop classes)
- Your purchases allow us to subsidize the cost of our classes, so that we can offer quality instruction, in small groups, at an affordable price.

-PRIVATE LESSON RATES: 45$ per 1.5 hours for single person lessons, 60$(30$ per person) for two-person lessons. Minimum lesson size is 1.5 hours. Please call 604 734 4840 to book a time. Time slots are flexible based on instructor availability. Please book 7 +days in advance.

Jan 24, 2012

Ropes Cowl

Ropes Cowl:

12mm dpns (set of 4 or 5)
1 Hank Malabrigo Rasta
five small stitch holders, or large safety pins
three 1-1.5 " buttons
darning needle

k2tog= knit 2 together
m1= make 1 by lifting the bar between two stitches onto the left hand needle, then knit this bar through the back.
i-cord= using 2 dpns: with 4 sts on needle, knit side facing and yarn attached at left side of work, insert right needle into 1st stitch on left hand needle (note: this is the opposite side to where the yarn is attached). **Knit 4 stitches, pulling yarn very tight for first stitch. DO NOT TURN WORK AROUND. Slide stitches so that the knit side is facing and the yarn is attached to stitch on the far left side of the left hand needle. Repeat this process from** , tugging on the cord as it grows every few inches. Youtube is also a great visual aid if you need help making the i-cords(click here for video by Judy).

With 12 mm cast on 15 sts.

Knit 4 rows

Begin i-cords:
***k3, m1. place remaining stitches on holder.
using these four stitches , work in i-cord for 22"
place i-cord stitches on holder (safety pins work well), break yarn.
Place next 3 stitches from original holder onto needle.Re-attach yarn to these 3 stitches and repeat the process from ***, making each cord 3.5" longer than the previous one.

Once you have five cords, place all the stitches from these 5 cords onto one needle, insuring cords aren't twisted.
K3, k2together, k2, k2together, k2, k2together, k2, k2together, k3.
All cords should now be joined by the k2togethers of last row.
Knit in garter stitch until yarn is almost used up.
Cast off.
Sew 3 buttons to band.
Weave in all ends. (Stuffing them down the icord centres is a good way to hide them :).)

Jan 22, 2012

WINTER SALE 2012 Feb 3rd & 4th 20-60% Off!

We will be having our Annual Winter Sale FEBRUARY 3rd and 4th.
All Regularly Priced yarn will be
20% off!
All Clearance Yarns will be 25-60% off !(prices will be as marked)
All Books will be 20% off (excludes magazines and leaflets)
The Sale Starts Friday @ 9:30 am- 6pm, and Saturday from 10:30 am -6pm.

*no exchanges or price adjustments during the sale. Any holds picked up during the sale will be at regular price. All sale purchases are final sales.