Oct 29, 2009

Men's Books

When it rains it pours.... For the first time in years, most of the top yarn companies have finally come out with really nice books of patterns for men. We currently have two fabulous ones from Jane Ellison, The Queensland Collection and Noro Men (just came in yesterday), as well as a beautiful men's book from Berroco by Norah Gaughan. Come take a look!

Oct 19, 2009


We will be opening our doors for the first time on Friday October 23rd at 10 am until 6 pm. After a long renovation process, the store is finally coming together. Diana Brown, my mum , will be flying in for the day from Calgary (which is very nice of her considering the Calgary store is insanely busy right now) to launch the new store.

We will have lots of yarn for everyone to fondle, and will be offering a little surprise gift with purchase while quantities last. There may also be a few nibbles for those with a sweet tooth.

Hope to see you there


Oct 14, 2009

The Yarn is Here!

The boxes are here! (Diana is demonstrating just how tall the piles are.) Now we just have to unpack them all....

Oct 4, 2009

West Coast Knitter's Guild

I will be at the October 6th West Coast Knitter's guild meeting from 7-9 pm at Oakridge Seniors Centre on 41st Avenue W to introduce myself and our store to the Vancouver knitting community. I'll have information about Gina Brown's and our 40 year history, as well as some giveaways for guild members. As I understand it, visitors are always welcome at their meetings, so come out and say hi!


I would just like to say a huge thank you to the guild for having me at their meeting. I was so much fun getting to know you all. I have never gotten to tell the story of my Grandma Gina and her store to such a large group before, and it was honestly a really touching moment for me. It was neat being a room full of so many knitters again.

Thanks especially to Lynn and everyone for making me feel so welcome. I can’t wait to see you all in my shop.