Lonely Cable Cowl

Lonely Cable Cowl

2 balls Highland Alpaca (90m of super bulky yarn)
1 15mm 24" circular needle
1 large double pointed needle (8mm or larger to be used as cable needle)
1 stitch marker

Abbreviations: Sts= stitches; K= Knit; P= Purl;  rep= repeat; C10B== slip 5 sts on to cable needle, hold at back of work, knit 5 sts from left hand needle, knit 5 sts from cable needle.

 Cast on 45 sts with 15mm needles, join in round, placing a stitch marker between first and last stitch to mark the end of your rounds.

Knit 1 round

Round 2: Knit 10 sts, purl to end of round
Rounds 3-5: As round 2
Round 6: C10B, purl to end of round
Round 7- 15: As  round 2
Round 16: As round 6
Round 17-23: As round 2:
Round 24: knit
Round 25: As round 2

Cast off.

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